Mike Sharon

Being exposed to electronic music and inspired by many electronic musicians as a teenager, Mike developed his own perspective on music. He started his early musical journey by releasing his first vinyl E.P. at the age of 18 for the well known Substatic Records, a great kick for Mike that led him to have a second release in the same year at the Berlin based label, inviting positive feedback from majors like Dj Magda and Sven Vath.

Being under the radar for longer than two years, taking inspirations from different club scenes world wide and concentrating on producing, Mike returns in 2012 as « Mike Sharon » and releases his timeless record « I Feel You E.P » on Stockholm’s fresh underground house label Local Talk Records to became a big favorite for many on the dance floor cooking up a fresh and new deep house sound with a mind blowing inspirational vibe.

At that time, Mike makes his first tour of France and plays at tight venues such as Enfant Allechant and Le Rafiot, giving Mike the chance to explore and share new ideas with the local culture. Mike’s greatest ambition is to dedicate his work and passion towards building a new home forhis productions and a home to be for new artists sharing the same musical ideas.

The ambition manifested at end of the year of 2012 and revealed the « Ultra Knites Records » series along with UK based Dj Sem Marini. Both share the same vision and perspective on the new sound and on building a label that reaches out to artists that bring true chord driven and authentic Underground Deep House & Garage music. Nowadays, with the support of his mature project, Mike’s career takes off. For example his last release « Unity », a massive Deep House tune.

NEXT GIGS : 02/11/2019 : Micro Ondes (Toulouse / FRA)