Boss of finest italian house label Traxx Undergound, Samann is real house digger. Influenced by the sounds 80’s/90’s Chicago and Detroit, Samann started to buy his first musical equipment and assemble his own studio by the age of 18.

In 2009 he began to produce his own music & it was in this year he met the legend Chez Damier. The pair quickly became friends and wasted no time working together with his label Balance. Damier quickly notched up a collaboration with Samann on Manocalda Records only later he release his first music on London label, Tsuba which contributed to his artistic growth. A year later, Salvatore (real name) was launching a second opus : « Analog Life » on Chiwax.

After that both releases, the young producer decided to start his own label in 2012 : Traxx Underground where he released great records of artists like Dj Steaw, Kool Vibe or The Nathaniel X Project. With his typical garage raw house sound, Samann finally built a serie of two 12″ released on his label called Raw Lover Vol.1 & 2.

Booking / Info : antoine[at]

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