UK House with a Dutch Flip, that’s what Attek is all about. With only 18 years old, Anne has been seen as one of the rising talents of the moment.

With a first solo noteworthy appearance on STRCTR Records in 2017 with his track Keep Bustin’, Attek sent a strong message to the scene. A message fully received by Large Music, one of the historical house label, that offers him the opportunity to release “Off My Mind EP”, brilliant travel and deep-house 3-track EP with UK vibes.

Lately in the year, the young man, released a new EP in collaboration with Guy Johnson, a friend he met at school in Utrecht (NL): Love Zone EP (STRCTR Records). Both immediately started working together on some House projects, it was the beginning of a great friendship. When mentor and friend DJ Caspa sended over some oldskool vinyl which he recorded from his magical collection, things really took off. With deep characteristic pads, uplifting drums, soft chords and warm smootchy vocals, Attek and Guy Johnson went all out with this warm EP.

Infos/Booking : antoine[at]

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