Born in Lyon in the 80s Ortella attended very young clubs of the region. More attracted by the DJ booth than the dancefloor, it was natural that he learned the handling of the decks. In true autodidact, Ortella decided to go into production, and it is in 2009 that he made about him for the first time with the release of two EPs on the very select label Dj Deep, Deeply Rooted House.

These tracks with deep sounds and African rhythms influenced by Manoo will be widely disseminated in South Africa; several titles appear even in Soul Heaven Ritual Dance compilations and mixed by Louie Vega.

It is in 2014 with the Label Rutilance Recordings that Ortella came back with the release of his EP « MAD IN LYON, » whose tracks will be particularly attracted much attention outside our borders to be playlisted by Radio Slave Berghain ….

After a second release on the same label, Fabrice just launched his own label : MAD IN LYON.

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