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Imported is a collective made up of five members. This exciting project was launched in 2012. This is the result of several months of reflection and different projects finally shared. We were DJs, promoters, simple vinyls bargain-hunters and decided to gather up what seemed to us the most important: organize quality parties around electronic music, and particularly House music.


Somewhat tired of what was going on out there, we wanted simply at first to offer our friends freshness around a house parties that would be our own. Beyond this, the central idea of ​​the project is to discover when possible, at least one Dj who have never played in Paris or France. Imported Party was born like that, without hassle. After two years of activity, the guideline has not changed, but a new project came graft to : a booking agency (Imported Booking Agency), and now a label (Imported Recordings).


Faced several years in clubs and unscrupulous promoters legally, we wanted to create our own structure and founded an association. This professional approach may sound presumptuous, but it is what drive us to this project as in our personal lives. Respect the human with whom we work is essential for us. For the agency, the same motivation guide us, professionalism and confidence, to artists, promoters and art directors.


Faced with a growing house scene, which continues to offer new DJs and new parties all over Paris, it seemed difficult to maintain our initial format of the evening with a sequence of DJs throughout the night. Thus, since the end of 2014, we invite our guests to take the evening’s orders for a trip from 6am, takes us where they want, and makes navigate through the heart of their influences and their origins.


Antoine Lazarus – Charline Rico – Charlie Rothwell – Justine Coudert – Wilkko Garin – Johana Moreau – Benjamin Orgeret